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    Why Chat with PDF?

    Discover a smarter way to manage, understand, and utilize your PDF documents with

    Quick Information Retrieval

    Easily ask questions and get specific information from lengthy PDFs without manually searching through the document, saving time and effort.


    Get concise summaries of lengthy documents, which is particularly useful for understanding the main points of complex or dense materials without reading the entire text.


    Enhance accessibility by providing an alternative way to interact with document content, especially beneficial for those with visual impairments or reading difficulties.

    Enhanced Research

    For researchers and professionals, these apps can significantly speed up literature reviews and data gathering by quickly identifying relevant studies, extracting pertinent data, and even comparing findings across multiple PDFs.

    Contextual Awareness

    PDF.MD AI can understand the context within a document, allowing them to provide more nuanced answers and insights. This means you can ask complex questions and receive answers that consider the documents overall context, not just isolated snippets of text.

    Data Extraction

    Extract specific data, like figures, tables, or key points, which can be invaluable for research, analysis, and reporting.

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    Is PDF.MD free?

    Yes, you can upload 3 PDF files (max 4MB) to try it out for free. We also have paid plan that give you more unlimited usage and 128MB file upload.

    How does it work?

    Getting started is easy! Simply sign up, upload a document, and start chatting with it. You can ask questions and chat with your documents using natural language. The underlying AI model will retrieve any relevant information from the document and give you a well-informed answer.

    Can PDF.MD speak different languages other than English?

    Yes, PDF.MD can read PDFs in any language and answer questions. You can upload a PDF in one language and ask questions in another language. PDF.MD will give you answers in the language you use.

    Where are my files stored?

    Your uploaded documents undergo encryption both during storage and while being transferred. They are securely stored by our data storage provider, who holds a SOC2 Type II certification.

    Billing and refunds

    As a result of the product, we pay high cost to run the business, so we regret to inform you that we do not provide any form of refunds, whether partial or in full, at this time. However, you have the freedom to cancel your subscription effortlessly whenever you desire. Once you decide to cancel, no further charges will be incurred.

    What type of document can I upload?

    You can only upload PDF (.pdf) files at the moment.